Phallosan forte information

phallosan forte reviewSize of device: 10, the phallosan forte review consists primarily of a bell which goes over the glans and a tension belt. With this device it is easy to be fully clothed while wearing the device without people knowing you are wearing it. I have worn it in public several times with no fear that others would know I was wearing the device because it is small for what it does.

Accessories: The phallosan forte doesn’t really offer accessories (other than extras of the items you already have) in the sense of add-ons so this category is an NA.

Temporary length: 10, after coming out of the phallosan forte after about 8 hours of being in the stretched position my flaccid length is close to my erect length. This continual practice will mean great flaccid and erect gains.

Consumer service: 10, I emailed phallosan forte two times prior to the arrival of my purchase. Once I emailed to check when the device would be shipped and the second time I checked to make sure the shipping address was correct (I moved recently). Each time I received an email within 24 hours. The third time I emailed phallosan forte to inquire about receiving the three free condom sleeves (which you have to email them about after you receive your phallosan forte and see what size sleeves you will need). I received a response within 48 hours and I think the delay was only because they were checking on this. Consumer service was perfect.

Shipping: Ok so when I ordered the phallosan forte it was out of stock and backordered for USA; however, when it did ship it shipped May 23, 14 at 2:52pm and arrived May 27 at 11:05am. It would have arrived May 26th but that was a holiday so assume shipping to be about 3 days. For 3 days I give shipping a score of 7 (since shipping is $25). FYI: this product ships in a plain package just like most PE devices on the market with no indicator of what is inside.

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